Rewarding Innovation in the Magnolia State

In honor of a couple that was loved by all, the Kim & Dr. Michael Perry Memorial scholarship aims to support Mississippi’s next great leaders today.

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In honor of Kim and Dr. Michael Perry

The Oxford community mourned greatly in the wake of the 2016 plane crash that took the lives of six Mississippians, including Kim and Dr. Michael Perry. The Oxford couple affected countless lives through their generous and selfless actions. To honor their legacy, the Kim & Dr. Michael Perry Memorial Scholarship is given to ambitious students who show commitment to innovation in their particular fields of study. With your generous support, winning students will be better equipped to carry on the Perrys’ legacy in the Oxford community and abroad.


About the scholarship

The Kim & Dr. Michael Perry Memorial Scholarship is awarded to rising juniors and seniors in the University of Mississippi School of Business Administration who demonstrate a commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Recipients must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and exemplify excellence in entrepreneurial spirit and abilities. First preference will be given to students from Mississippi. Additional preference will be given to students pursuing a minor or major degree in entrepreneurship.

Students can apply for the scholarship by submitting a resume and answering a set of questions regarding their entrepreneurial activities. A panel of faculty and staff from the Ole Miss Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will determine the recipient. The award will be for two semesters. If a student receives the award as a junior, he or she may reapply for the scholarship for their senior year.